History of Forest Hill Cemetery Association

Forest Hill Cemetery Association was incorporated in April 15,1911. Previous to this time, all burials were made under the supervision of Frank B. Green. The very first burial was made on January 12,1908.

During the years, meetings seemed to be held whenever necessary, often only the annual meeting, when a board of directors and officers were elected.

Many businessmen served on the Board of Directors, names such as Richard Liljeblad, Bernie Schultz, N.L. Olson, G.N. Millard, Roy Martin, J.A. Brown, Frank Alexander and F.E. Patterson, among others.

Frank Green served as secretary until 1944. At that time, the Association was re-incorporated and the board and officers elected were: President, N.L. Olson, Vice-President, Frank Alexander, Secretary-Treasurer, F.E. Patterson, Adolph Krohn, Frank Green and G.N. Millard. Patterson continued as Secretary-Treasurer until his death in 1969.

The Annual Meeting of the Association was held the second Monday in April. There are six directors, two elected each year.

At the February 12,1992 Monthly Meeting of the Board of Directors, the Bylaws of Forest Hill Cemetery Association were revised. At the next Monthly Meeting of the Board, March 10, 1992, the revisions were adopted. Directors were: Nancy Rognerud, President (1989), Anton Rud, Vice-President (1991), Jacqueline Glowack, Secretary-Treasurer 1991, Father Dennis Deis (1991), Gertrude Coran (1991) and Blake Napper (1992).

The Board of Directors set the rules and regulations for the cemetery as well as the prices of lots and burial fees. The Board of Directors hires a groundskeeper, grave locator and grave digger who carry out their designated duties and is responsible to the Board. Forest Hill Cemetery Association is a non-profit organization. The sources of income are from the sale of lots, grave openings, private and business donations, contributions from the City of International Falls and Ranier and from grants. The American Legion, VFW and St. Thomas Cemeteries adjoin Forest Hill Cemetery.

St. Thomas Cemetery is now a separate entity and as of 2014 have operated completely on their own. The property that St. Thomas sits on will be deeded over in 2022.


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