The Forest Hill Cemetery Association was among several local initiatives awarded $5,000 grants at a Koochiching Community Development Association. Funding will support a tree-planting program this spring/summer and the development of a sustainable landscaping, beautification and maintenance plan for the cemetery. Tentative components of the plan may include: developing a “memorial tree” program; bringing a permanent water service on-site; new entryway monuments/gateposts; memorial benches; annual tree-planting, and potential for adding flowers and shrubs.

The Koochiching Community Development Association supports both business and community enhancement projects through its grant program. KCDA’s mission is to “identity and support those opportunities in Koochiching County that have potential to positively impact the economic life and quality of life of its communities and residents.

Several major donors have helped make this project possible including Packaging Corporation of America, Green Larsen Mortuary and Minnesota Monument and Granite Works and many community donors supported this project.

Progress has been made at Forest Hill on the landscaping plan which includes planting twenty-one trees, two rock gardens and placement of several rocks along the main driveways.

The project will continue in the spring and will be a way to honor the memory of a deceased family members and/or friends while enhancing and maintaining the natural beauty of the cemetery for the enjoyment of the living. It is a thoughtful way to express your sympathy and allow the memory of someone special to live on.

Monetary contributions may be sent to:

Forest Hill Cemetery
P.O. Box 1221
International Falls, MN 56649